My Kind of “LOVE”

Published November 9, 2016 by choco7addict

I am in the city of Love! Isn’t it normal to feel the jitters? After all This is my city of dreams for a reason, and the truth is that I m a die hard romantic. I love the Overrated, drama, roses, and all things pretty! Why not? I have grown up on a staple diet of YRF and KJO films, I have unrealistic expectations of LOVE! And for once please don’t tell me it only happens in movies! I know there are a lot of people out there who also dream about these things, but very few have the courage to make it happen. If Love is for real then so are emotions, and so are the matters of heart. 

I m very old school when it comes to expression of love. I feel things deeply, and maybe that’s why I find it difficult to let go of people although they have hurt me. I think I m one of those auto sync wifis,who doesn’t forget once you get connected and continues to stay forever. I will keep loving, think and remember you even if I don’t talk to you anymore. The word “move on” doesn’t exist in my dictionary. Shallowness is for cowards, if you are fearless you will take plunge in deep oceans. I was born this way or made to be, but whatever it is I am very sure of who I m.

I am somebody who will write poetry, express desires truly, accept whatever is on the platter, aim for the best, wait for appraisal but when it doesn’t show up, I will spiral into a withdrawal syndrome. I will no longer be who I once was in your life for I will move away from you, it will be my defence mechanism, my battle, my loss and my victory! You would no longer be a part of my journey. 


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